• "Chandra, Thank you so much for organizing our trek to Everest Base Camp, too bad you couldn’t actually come though. It was great getting to know you over dinner at fire and ice and rooftops in Boudhnath. I never thought I’d have a friend in Nepal. Also, WHEN you come to Canada, I would gladly be your guide.....But only if you are up to getting lost :)…... But seriously Chandra, thank you so much for all your help and advice you made this trip enjoyable for me, and you always dress very nicely." Jenna, Canada
  • " "JUST arrived back from Manaslu Trek, Nepal (this was our 5th trip to Nepal) And visit to MERANGDING and ANGPANG villages organized by EVASION TREKKING; we would like to express our gratitude / satisfaction ... Indeed, everything went marvelously. Chandra, Bhim, Lakpa ... Ashish and his assistants guides (Sugen and Uttam) ... Dil and his cooking staff (Maila, Sunil, Ngyama and Bijaya) were perfect: dynamic, well-informed, always helpful, and with good humor! The Manaslu region is magnificent with its incredible landscapes, mountains, waterfalls and Gurung villages ... we had a great time crossing Larke Pass despite the snow fall of the night before; went it very smoothly! Every time when there were difficulties (landslides, flooding rivers, etc ...) the team was always there to make it easier for us and they always prioritized our safety.....Regarding our stay in MERANGDING and ANGPANG, we have brought an unforgettable memory: the welcome of the people were overwhelming ... we were treated like royals... moreover, we were there during the festival; we shared very good festive moments with them. We would like to thank all the members of EVASION TREKING; their expertise enabled us to really enjoy our stay ... The accommodation in Bhim MAGAR's parents and the Shiechan monastery also seduced us: When we return to Nepal, Of course, we would like to repeat this" Michel, Annie, Amandine, Baptiste, Valérie et Patrick
  • "The Trek Was Awesame!! Looking forward to coming Back!!!" Bannie Ann lasramboise, Canada
  • " The trip of a lifetime! Executed with professionalism, information and good fun. Overall my wife and I had a terrific experience with Evasion Trekking. From the off we were taken under their wing; our choice of itinerary organized efficiently in advance via email. We were given careful guidance in the purchase of 'Thamel' trekking gear and then reassuringly lead into the Kingdom of the Himalaya's. Our guide was second to none. Very knowledgeable of the region, stopping during the trek to point out various flora, fauna and mountain peaks. He advised us of altitude dangers and the natural remedies to prevent the sickness. The quality of service was maintained throughout the 17 day trek and afforded us both the reassurance required to settle into this new environment. We are delighted with our Khumbu adventure and would have no qualms in recommending Evasion Trekking to anyone wanting the adventure of a lifetime in the Sagarmatha National Park." Mr Adam and Mrs Jacqueline, Australia
  • "Was not able to complete the trek. However the experience i got from the first trekking day was very good. The guides were amazing!" Krystal Brown, Canada
  • "The trekking was an amazing. The whole experience was incredible. I would do it again in a second and will certainly recommend the Evasion Trekking Experience to others. " Courtrey Berquist, Canada
  • "The trek was amazing! The guides were fun to be with :) and helpful for carrying our bags when needed. There really isn’t anything i would offer or suggest to change! Thank you Chandra & Karna!!!" Lisa Thompson, Canada
  • "The trek was somewhat challenging in places, but throughout the care and concern for our safety and well being was phenomenal. The guides carried our bags when we were tired and recognized when it was time to encourage us to keep going. They teased and joked to help us going - all added to the enjoyment of the trek. It was wonderful. Thank you!" Ruth Pollock, Canada
  • "The trek was an amazing experience. The accommodations were great. The guides were very attentive + supportive. I couldn't have ever asked or imagined that you could have better service and attention. Chandra you have built a wonderful business and I wish you + your company many many years of success. If I ever know someone coming to Nepal I will absolutely send them to you." Renne Berquist, Canada
  • "I had such a great time while in Nepal. Chandra definitely made enjoyable environment for our such an extremely diverse group of 11 members. The trek was amazing and made me want to continue doing treks on my next trip. I’ll be recommending Evasion Trekking to all my friends and family visiting Nepal in the future and will be booking with them myself when I return :) thank you!" Stephanie Major, Canada
  • "Chandra Thank you for making my first visit to Nepal Excellent! All joking aside, you are amazing at your job and I greatly appreciate everything you did for us. The trek staff were also wonderful + supportive. Thank you again!" Anqela Parisien, Canada

Why Cultural Tour in Nepal?


Nepal is blessed with one of the richest cultures in the world. Culture has been called 'the way of life for an entire society'. The statement holds particularly true in case of Nepal where every aspect of life, food, clothing and even occupations are culturally guided. The culture of Nepal includes the codes of manners, dress, language,...

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Why Kathmandu Heritage Tour?

1. Kathmandu Heritage Tour is here to convert your dream into reality making it a unique and memorable. A team of expert in culture tours and trekking is always there to plan and organize your trip providing the highest level of safety, unparalleled customer service and an all around top quality experience.

2. We are team of expert in culture tours and trekking; planning...

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